Shyamalam is a plantation drive with a vision of a green and healthy place to live in which will provide a better tomorrow. We aim to bring about radical changes in our senses by promoting awareness as well as conservational initiatives for the ecosystem.

Importance of biodiversity:

1. The diverse variety of life forms existing in this creation is together termed as bio diversity

2. From the smallest to the giants- every living organism has its own role in maintaining the balance of ecology

3. The more diverse the life forms the more balanced and self-sufficient every ecosystem is

4. Bio- diversity preservation results in sustainability of the planet

5. Bio diversity preservation adds to economic as well as social development

6. A healthy ecosystem is the key to healthy environment and hence healthy lives

…so let’s join hand in hand to preserve and develop our rich bio diversity

Our Aim

  1. Promoting tree plantation among school students to create awareness about ecological conservation right from the childhood
  2. Promoting tree plantation at individual levels of the society on birthdays
  3. Ensuring proper care taking of the planted trees
  4. Educating people about importance of nature conservation and bio diversity preservation
  5. Promoting and encouraging people to develop mini ecosystem in their vicinity as an initiative towards bio diversity preservation

Journey of Shyamalam So Far..


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein