We are a little gathering of energetic individuals with one basic mission to share our insight in technology and innovation, agriculture, tourism and so on for the advancement of the general public.


Our vision is to be an expertise sharing center for the general population who are driven by the enthusiasm of working for the improvement of the general public.

Aim and Objectives

The objects of this society are:

  1. To provide technological solutions to the needy viz. Schools, NGOs, Entrepreneurs.
  2. To impart and/ or to promote social, cultural, economic and vocational, education and/ or training in Arts, Science, Technical, Public health, Social welfare and in any other subjects.
  3. To arrange seminars/workshops on computational linguistic tools to promote the Unicode based works.
  4. To arrange seminars/workshops/awareness programs on promoting sustainable tourism, various career options in tourism etc.
  5. To arrange special training / coaching institutes for the candidates appearing in National/State level job examinations, like UPSC, APSC etc.
  6. To work towards the upliftment of women from the economically and socially weaker sections of society through medical, education, vocational training, income generation schemes, adult literacy, skill development and other programmes.
  7. To promote concept of sustainable agro economy and farming.
  8. Volunteering during natural disasters.