About Xondhan Foundation

Our Mission: We are a little gathering of energetic individuals with one basic mission to share our insight in technology and innovation, agriculture, tourism and so on for the advancement of the general public.

Our Vision: Our vision is to be an expertise sharing center for the general population who are driven by the enthusiasm of working for the improvement of the general public.


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Which areas does Xondhan Foundation work in?

Xondhan Foundation has been working in the thematic areas of agriculture, education, technology, tourism and disaster management.

How do I volunteer with Xondhan Foundation?

Register on this website. As and when we have our next recruitment drive , we’ll be sure to inform you, either through email or by phone!

What is the belief behind Xondhan Foundation?

We trust that unless individuals from the common society are included proactively during the the process of development, economical change won’t happen. Having confidence in this principle, Xondhan Foundation sharpens the common society keeping in mind the end goal to make them accomplices in its mission.

How can I donate to Xondhan Foundation?

ou can go to Donate Now section of Xondhan Foundation’s website and donate online. For other donations related queries please write to xondhan.foundation@gmail.com


Our Core Projects

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Project Shyamalam

A tree plantation program among school students

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Project Gyanam

Setting up libraries in schools

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Being from technical background we helped one school to build their own website and negligible cost. We did this to promote technology as a charity. After building the website we visited the school and interacted with the students explaining them different aspects of websites, basics of internet, how to get benefitted from internet and all other topics relevant to education & internet. We received an overwhelming response from the students and enjoyed answering their queries. The school for this event was 'Holy Child English School', Jamaugurihat Assam Website link: hhtp://www.hcesjmg.com/ We also built one website as a charity which was an online journal consisting of educational topics.
Project E-School

Building technological tools for schools

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